Schedule of Events

8:30 Registration and Exhibitors available
9:00 Jo-Anne Jones: WNL: Within Normal Limit or a Dangerous Assumption?
Noonish Lunch and Learn with Exhibitors
1:15 Angie Wallace: Lasers in Dentistry
3:30 Wrap Up

Course Descriptions

WNL: Within Normal Limit or a Dangerous Assumption?
Jo-Anne Jones, RDH

WITHIN NORMAL LIMITS…a very bold and broad sweeping statement that definitively distinguishes between health and disease and in some cases, an outcome of life vs. death. The responsibility of this statement and the onus to the patient is of grave consequence and may in fact be a very dangerous assumption. This course will review screening techniques, identify subtle symptoms that can be easily overlooked, discover abnormalities in early stages, and help us re-evaluate our own screening protocols. Through a guided visual journey of inspiring and moving oral & oropharyngeal cancer stories of survivors and those who have lost their lives, learn the subtle life-saving symptoms and critical screening techniques that will increase our opportunity to save a life by translating acquired knowledge directly to practice!

Lasers in Dentistry
Angie Wallace, RDH

This fast-paced laser course will help attendees gain knowledge and guidance for when to use a laser and how to use them safely. We will evaluate what lasers are available, which ones are typically used by dental hygienists, clinical applications, and the effect of lasers on tissue. This will be followed by looking into what dental hygienists can do with lasers as allowed by the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry. To complete our program, we will consider all the safety factors and learn the importance of laser safety for the entire team. There will be ample time allowed for question & answer.