Schedule of Events

8:30 Registration and Exhibitors available
9:00 Lisa Mallonee, “Nutrition & Oral Health for Today’s Practitioners”
Noonish Lunch and Learn with Exhibitors
1:00 Lisa Mallonee, continued
2:00 Mary Martin, “Ethical Decision Making in Clinical Practice”

Course Descriptions

Nutrition and Oral Health for Today’s Dental Practice
Lisa Mallonee, MPH, RDH, RD, LD

Dentistry isn’t “just about the mouth”-it’s about the whole patient. Ms. Mallonee will review the practical application of diet as it pertains to oral health and the implications for patient care. We will identify oral conditions that may be related to poor dietary intake and how to educate our patients to manage their dental nutrition issues. We will also receive guidance on when to refer and on working with nutrition professionals as multidisciplinary team members in patient management.

Ethical Decision Making in Daily Practice
Mary Martin, BSDH, DDS, M.Ed.

In this course we will define ethics and how it differs from the law, become familiar with the core values of the American Dental Hygiene Association and the American College of Dentists, and be able to work through ethical scenarios with other professionals. Dr. Martin will discuss the most common ethical issues we encounter daily and present a step by step method for aiding the dental hygienist in working through these dilemmas.