Schedule of Events

9:00 Check in
9:30 Emily Boge “Risky Business”
11:15 Tulsa County Health Dept
Noonish Lunch and Learn with Exhibitors
1:30 Emily Boge “Ethics in Dental Hygiene”

Course Descriptions

Risky Business: How Safe is Your Practice?
Emily Boge CDA, RDH, MPA

Course Description:
This course trains dental professionals on current ergonomic safety techniques for clinical practice. During instruction, the speaker defines and discusses the incidence of risk-associated and musculoskeletal injuries among surveyed dental professionals and current approaches to prevention available in the dental product marketplace.

Ethics in Dental Hygiene
Emily Boge CDA, RDH, MPA

Course description:
This course intends to provide clear information and guidance for clinicians, as they navigate the unique ethical decision-making challenges of private practice. This course also reviews the Standards of Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice and relates them to ethical decision making in dental hygiene.

Tulsa Health Dept COVID-19 updates with Q&A