Schedule of Events

8:30 Registration and Exhibitors available
9:00 Carol Jahn “Risked Based Periodontal Therapy”
Noonish Lunch and Learn with Exhibitors
1:15 Emily Boge “Risky Business”
2:20 Emily Boge “Ethics in Dental Hygiene”

Course Descriptions

The Dental Hygienists’ Role in Risk-Based Periodontal Therapy
Carol Jahn, RDH, MS

Course description:
Working with periodontal patients to achieve the best outcomes can be one of our biggest clinical challenges. We will be reviewing factors that increase patients’ risk for periodontal disease and all things related to achieving optimal outcomes for our periodontal patients.

Risky Business: How Safe is Your Practice?
Emily Boge CDA, RDH, MPA

Course Description:
This course trains dental professionals on current ergonomic safety techniques for clinical practice. During instruction, the speaker defines and discusses the incidence of risk-associated and musculoskeletal injuries among surveyed dental professionals and current approaches to prevention available in the dental product marketplace.

Ethics in Dental Hygiene
Emily Boge CDA, RDH, MPA

Course description:
This course intends to provide clear information and guidance for clinicians, as they navigate the unique ethical decision-making challenges of private practice. This course also reviews the Standards of Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice and relates them to ethical decision making in dental hygiene.